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Cute Niji talks to his guys about which club to join when Sayka enters the classroom. He walks away and the other two boys try to convince her about the tennis club, but she leaves the classroom too. In the sports room, Niji comes fully equipped, he tells Sayka that […]

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In the locker room, Yuni Katsuragi convinces this guy to join the swimming club. She tells him about how suited his muscles are for swimming, while he touches her over the swimming suit. Keeping on asking her colleague to join the club, Yuni gets on his top. She takes the […]

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Yume Aino is congratulated for her good work and she is told about a menu position on the menu. It’s a chocolate fondue that she has to try on her boobs. Yume takes the bra off and puts her nipples in the chocolate bowl. Her dirty nipples are licked and […]

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Eri Makino is very delighted by this new place in the nature that she visits. Her partner is in the mood for some fooling around, right here, and the free sky, but Eri is afraid that people may see them. They go to the ocean’s shore, where she sucks the […]