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When she hears that her client may spend 5 years in jail, Shiori Uehara shows the man that she can freeze the time. Together, they undress all the babes who accused her clients and their lawyer too. This guy asks Shiori to allow him to play with these babes and […]

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Ruri Narumiya won this beautiful wedding dress and she goes to this man to be his surprise-bride. She waits for him at his home, after entering with a duplicate of the key. The man is very pleasantly surprised for winning this prize. Ruri cooks some food for this man and […]

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Hot Shizuku Iori arrives at her client’s home so very wet because she was caught by a heavy rain and she has no umbrella with her. She needs an opinion about a sample she gave to this man with some time again. This man brings her a towel and invites […]

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Shiori Uehara is a lawyer who has a hard trial today. Looking in her bag, she finds a clock that can freeze the people in time. She tries this clock on the people in the court and after seeing that it works, she uses it. Nonoka Kaede and the accused […]

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