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Sayaka Aishiro sacrifices her pussy for school clubs

These two guys, enter the girls locker room where they start smelling the used lingerie. They hide inside a locker room where they listen to the conversation between Sayaka Aishiro and her teacher. These men see how the teacher takes Sayaka’s panties off and spreads her legs. Her shaved pussy […]

Kotomi Asakura, Tsubaki Housho and Chise Aoba fucked by a winner cock

Kotomi Asakura, Tsubaki Housho and Chise Aoba welcome their new fan. Not only this man wants to become a porn star, but he also received ‘the best dick in Japan’ title. After a short story about how this title was obtained, these babes are invited to play with the cock. […]

Marika has a very naughty and horny blonde girlfriend

This hot blonde babe with long legs wakes up naked, in her garden. She puts a tiny top and a very short skirt on and she pays Marika a visit. The Asian doll is gently touched and has her beautiful hair smelled. Her sexy neck and sweet tits are kissed […]

Akari Asayiri and Hikari rub their pussies after a bath

Akari Asayiri and Hikari talk about their holiday plans. Akari has a surprise for this holiday, but she doesn’t want to reveal it, yet. These two babes go to the bath where they compliment their panties. The compliments continue when they enter the water. Akari and Hikari talk about sexy, […]

Kaede Oshiro teaches guy how to handle a pussy

Kaede Oshiro catches this guy while watching a couple having fun in the classroom. To punish him, Kaede tells the man to join the gals volleyball. This guy tries to oppose, because he is in another club, but the girl doesn’t give him any chance to protest. She tells him […]