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Maria Ono and Yui Kyouno masturbating in the kitchen

Maria Ono prepares a delicious meal for Yui Kyouno and herself. When everything is ready, Maria finds some time to pleasure herself. This babe touches her boobs over the blouse. She also rubs the pussy over a pair of very short jeans. Getting more and more aroused, Maria pleasures her […]

Cheating wife Shiori Mizoguchi is fucked by two men

Shiori Mizoguchi cleans the dishes when she pays the visit of two men from whom her husband borrowed money. Not only they talk about this huge debt, they also tell Shiori that her man is unemployed. The only solution found by these dudes is to have sex with Shiori. On […]

Hasumi fucks with the man from the Internet company

Nasty Hasumi cleans her house wearing such a sexy and provocative outfit. In a very short, tight skirt and a top, this babe pays the visit of a man from the Internet company. She had some problems with the connection and this guy tries to fix it. Horny and willing, […]

Cheating wife Misuzu Nishihara gets a real fucking

Hot Misuzu Nishihara talks to a stranger about the problems has with her marriage. In a car, she gets complements about the ways she looks and she admits that she would love to have sex. This man touches her between the legs and they go to a hotel. Here, Misuzu […]

Cheating wife Ai Kamijou is fucked by her neighbor

In a white top and a short and tight skirt, Ai Kamijou cooks and cleans. She pays the visit of a neighbor who gives her a package that came in the mail. Ai invites the man in her home and offers him a tea. This man is very curious about […]