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Yayoi Yoshino fucked in the bus back from school

Bad luck babe Yayoi Yoshino was on her way to school when she got into the bus. Yayoi hands are cuffed to a pole and the men want to take a good look at her gorgeous, teen body. After exposing her massive tits they starts squeezing and pinching her prominent […]

Yuni Katsuragi strokes cock to convince guy to join her club

In the locker room, Yuni Katsuragi convinces this guy to join the swimming club. She tells him about how suited his muscles are for swimming, while he touches her over the swimming suit. Keeping on asking her colleague to join the club, Yuni gets on his top. She takes the […]

Sayaka Aishiro offers a guy his first sexual experience

Sayaka Aishiro and two of her colleagues stop Niji in the school’s hall to ask him which club he will enter. He says that in no club and Sayaka is left alone to talk to Niji about the tennis club. On the school’s roof, Sayaka meets Niji again and gives […]

Sayaka Aishiro sacrifices her pussy for school clubs

These two guys, enter the girls locker room where they start smelling the used lingerie. They hide inside a locker room where they listen to the conversation between Sayaka Aishiro and her teacher. These men see how the teacher takes Sayaka’s panties off and spreads her legs. Her shaved pussy […]

Kaede Oshiro teaches guy how to handle a pussy

Kaede Oshiro catches this guy while watching a couple having fun in the classroom. To punish him, Kaede tells the man to join the gals volleyball. This guy tries to oppose, because he is in another club, but the girl doesn’t give him any chance to protest. She tells him […]

School girl Kaede Oshiro rides virgin guy at the toilet

Thinking that their colleagues who are virgin and uncut, Kaede Oshiro and her girls decide to play with them a little. They enter the classroom where they take their uniforms off in front of the guys. After inviting them to join them in their activities, these gals leave and leave […]